The Ocean City Theatre Company is looking to cast the roles of “Paul” and “Diana” in our 2018 Summer Production of A CHORUS LINE with the Ocean City POPS Orchestra.

Diana Morales: Female. Mezzo belt. A streetwise Latina who is a little bit tough, and eternal optimist. A determined and athletic dancer from the Bronx. Sings “Nothing,” in which she reveals herself to be funny, charming, and vulnerable. Should read 22-30.

Paul San Marco: Male. Baritone. Introverted and slightly insecure but loves performing; only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and accepted by his parents. From Spanish Harlem, New York. Friends with Diana. Delivers a beautiful, raw and vulnerable monologue about coming out to his parents.

Rehearsals begin Saturday, June 23, 2018 with shows July 10-13, 2018

$625 stipend, $50 travel stipend, housing and gym membership provided.

Please send a cover letter, headshot, resume and any video clips or audition reel that demonstrates vocal and dance abilities to