Our next free Virtual Master Class will be on Friday, April 3 at 2:30

Building Confidence Through Acting and the Audition Process

Open to students in 5th to 12th grades.

Participants should answer the below questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Also, no worries if you have no idea how to respond any of these, if you find yourself struggling, just skip to the next question.

A- What can I control in the audition room? (Be specific) and what is or may be out of my control?

B- How can I cope with my nerves during an audition?

C- What are my passions apart from Musical Theatre and how can I incorporate them in my performance career?

D- What are my favorite shows and why? (list three and be specific with the reasons why)

E- Why do I love performing so much? (Be specific) what are the things about performing I enjoy less and why?

F- How can I use my social media to showcase my talent in an original and creative way?

G- What aspects of musical theatre interest you apart from performing? (E.g. stage managing, costumes, set design, sound, etc)

H- How can I turn an audition that didn’t go as planned into a successful learning experience?

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